Technology companies continue to find ways to improve product life cycles. After spending billions in research and product development, it is important for them to quickly cross “the chasm” and then continue to increase product shelf-life. New competitors with differentiated features, low barriers for end-users to switch, and quickly changing end-user needs are making customer care and loyalty a true differentiator. Companies need an experienced technology solutions partner in delivering the desired value proposition to its large base of customers; this is achieved by delivering prompt and best-in-class technical support, customized annual maintenance contracts and customer care services from experts in the technology field because of the complexity involved in handling hardware and software products and services. Outsourcing these services to a strategic partner with domain expertise will help companies to cater to critical customer care queries, and provide timely and prompt technical support to end-users in a language that they comprehend. This would also help the companies to boost their sales by providing cross-sell and up-sell functions, increase efficiency in day-to-day operations, reduce their costs and deliver best-in-class customer experience through their outsourcing partner.